What's happening, friends?!
Well, today was full of appointments. It started off with a teeth cleaning at the dentist and then onto the OB. I assumed all was normal until Dr. S listened to the baby's heartbeat. It was HIGH. Going as fast as could be. Her face showed a lot of concern, which made me very concerned.
She ended up monitoring the heart rate for 45 minutes and then sending me for a sonogram. The baby's heart rate did come down to normal and everything on the sono looked good. The only other concerning thing was her weight. She's little. Really little. 13th percentile little. So the inducement is set as of now for Sunday, September 12. That is, unless anything changes between now and then. So, there you have it. 39 weeks and we're out!

For those of you that we alarmed today, I do apologize, but appreciate you thinking, praying and sending us your well wishes. This momma was a little overwhelmed with the thought of a possible c-section this afternoon. Amazing how much I love this little one before I've ever met her.

I'll keep you all posted!