I was a little worried that I wasn't getting into the Christmas Spirit. Then Mr. Claus insisted we pour a nice bottle, turn on the music and put the ornaments on the tree. I swear, it's his favorite thing in the whole world. Thank goodness one of us is a true Griswold.

I began singing Christmas songs to Jules and she thought it was the funniest thing. Which, is probably because my ability to sing is nil. I happen to hate Christmas music. Always have. Nick and Jessica singing "Baby it's cold outside" is my only hope for even beginning to enjoy it. That's sad altogether.

As we began to put our ornaments on the tree I found a little pep in my step. You see, we've collected ornaments from the places we've traveled. This has been a lot of fun and also a total disaster too. The year my grandmother died while we were in Europe and didn't make it back for the funeral we had purchased a really lovely and expensive (after conversion from pounds into dollars) ornament in London. As we almost missed our flight I was standing and sweating in the security line and the bulb popped in my bag. The tears began to stream. After purchasing an additional and then paying shipping costs, it still holds prime real estate on our tree. And probably always will. It's more expensive than some handbags.

Then there is Santa on a gondola in Venice. He's one of my favorites. And the memory of finding him is special. There are so many more, but I'll save you the 2 hours of a read. But all in all, I love the memories we have on our tree. And each year if I'm not in the spirit, by the time it's all said and done I have found the Christmas Spirit deep inside. I hope you've found yours too.

And if that wasn't enough...then there was putting Julia in her Christmas jammies. How could you be bah humbug after that?

Merry Merry!