Jimmie Johnson didn't just win a fifth consecutive Sprint Cup Series championship this season, he also dominated his competition in another way - in TV exposure.

   According to research conducted by Joyce Julius & Assoc. Inc. - a sports and entertainment industry leader in measurement and evaluation of sponsorships and promotional programs - Johnson was interviewed an entire half-hour longer and mentioned 1,800 more times by the announcers than series runner-up Denny Hamlin throughout the course of the season.

   The research by Joyce Julius, which has monitored every NASCAR race telecast for the last 25 years, Johnson's name was mentioned 7,875 times during the 36 live event telecasts (and replays) of the 2010 season.  Johnson also appeared in a season-high 88 interview segments, which added up to over 1 1/2 hours of television time.

   Hamlin, by contrast, drew 6,072 announcer mentions and 56 interviews that totaled just over an hour of TV time. Hamlin won the most races this season and lead the Chase for the Cup going into the season's final race.

   According to the research, Kyle Busch was the third-most mentioned driver, Kevin Harvick was fourth and Jeff Gordon fifth.

   Year-End Top-20 Interview Results:

1)Johnson, J.1881:31:357,875
2)Hamlin, D.2561:01:506,072
3)Busch, Ky.8471:07:135,500
3)Harvick, K.3470:55:005,346
5)Gordon, J.9460:59:035,039
6)Stewart, T.7400:39:293,957
7)Busch, Ku.11380:35:323,114
8)Bowyer, C.10360:36:083,482
8)Edwards, C.4360:51:203,133
10)Burton, J.12330:32:513,483
10)McMurray, J.14330:49:442,899
12)Kahne, K.20310:28:372,269
13)Biffle, G.6300:30:063,357
14)Logano, J.16270:26:591,982
15)Earnhardt, Jr., D.21210:18:452,155
16)Ambrose, M.26160:15:221,641
16)Montoya, J.17160:08:573,343
18)Newman, R.15150:14:241,966
19)Kenseth, M.5140:10:432,601
19)Keselowski, B.25140:12:441,143