Ya'll glad this is all over? Sad? A little, yes. For the most part I'm ready to unpack, put away, take down and park-it until the little person gets back on track. Traveling is hard. Traveling by yourself is hard. Traveling with an infant is really hard. I have a cousin that lives in Brazil. She has an 8 month old and a 3 year old. I can't imagine how that all pans out. A couple of car rides have about put me over.

Here are some goodies from Christmas #2 in New Mexico. I will say, Texas is certainly number one in my heart, but the land of the enchantment does have my soul in the way of green chile. You can even have that goodness delivered on your Pizza Hut pizza. Fan-freaking-tastic.

(Lots of these pictures were taken with my phone and aren't very clear...sorry)

Kids, kid-in-laws and grandbabies.

Moi and the preciousness.

With oldest cousin, Brady.
That bow screams TEXAS, child beauty pageant queen, but I love it.

Christmas morning, Christmas baby!

The bow matches the shoes...you just can't see.

Julia's first visit to Grammie's office. She was a hit!

Clinton's Nanny is sick and in a nursing home. This was such a sweet moment for him to see his grandmother hold his child. I'm so glad we captured it, even if it is blurry. Shortly after Julia had a major meltdown, but it was precious while it lasted.
The inside of this car seat carrier won't be missed by this little angel face.

After starting our day at 4:30 am, we celebrated our homecoming with a little NorthPark, happy hour and dinner...rock-n-roll style.

Can you tell who this holiday was all about? What a fun, new way to celebrate.

Hope your Christmas was Merry!


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