Canada's Annihilator were another one of those 1989/1990 thrash scene latecomers but when they did arrive they unleashed this; in my opinion the best thrash metal debut album, Alice in Hell stands out above the rest because of the guitar work. The duo of Jeff Waters and Anthony Greenham pump out technical, thrashy riffs for the entirety of the album with some awesome solos to back it up. The rest of the band, while not quite as impressive, also put in a good show; Wayne Darley's bass churns away in the back while Ray Hartmann proves some solid beats for the rest of the band to build off. Bringing it up with the vocals, Randy Rampage also provides Annihilators best vocal performance. Not that any of this would last since Annihilator is practically the Canadian equivalent of Megadeth in terms of band member changes. From the opening acoustic riffs of Crystal Ann to the closing thrasher Human Insecticide this is an essential thrash album and easily the best Annihilator put out. Enjoy it.

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