Annihilator's 1990 sophomore effort is preferred by some to their debut of the previous year but I've always thought it just missed the mark in terms of Alice in Hell's quality. All the same, it's another great piece of well composed thrash metal with Jeff Waters still showcasing his ability to write exciting riffs and solos with new guitarist David Scott Davis. The solid backing performance of Wayne Darley on bass and Ray Hartmann on drums returns from the previous album. However, the vocals have seen a drop in quality with Coburn Pharr not really matching the way Randy Rampage's vocals worked with Annihilator's style on Alice in Hell. Like on the previous album, there's a lot of focus on human mentality and nature but Jeff also brings in a few of the good old thrash classics about how 'we're destroying the world and we're all gonna die'... apart from Kraf Dinner, which is about tinned macaroni and cheese.

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