Obviously Tony Stewart and Brian Vickers may be seeing more of each other on the track given their run-in at Sonoma, Calif. From his comments, Stewart doesn't plan and letting anyone get away with much of anything in the coming weeks.

   Is that necessarily the best position for Stewart considering he still has a lot of work to do to secure a spot in the Chase for the Sprint Cup?  Jeff Gordon isn't so sure.

   "The only thing I'll say is if you're going to try to win a championship, those types of situations are, in my opinion, going to hinder you from doing that. If you start getting into a battle with a guy, especially if it's somebody that is not in championship contention, you know, then what happens is you're not going to win. It's going to be a lose for you and everybody," he said. "If it's somebody that's in the championship, then you guys have to figure out how to settle it, whether it happens on the track or off the track.

   "If you're that upset at what happened, and you see that guy again before the race is over, you're still upset, depends on how your fuse is. Some people have short fuses and some people have long fuses. I got into a battle with Tony Stewart before. That's not a guy I battle with anymore. We had our situation. I'm so glad that we resolved it fairly quickly. Nobody has more respect for one another out there than me and Tony because I've been on the other side of it with him when he can get mad. He's not a guy that you want to have gunning at you. He's a great race car driver, he's smart, he can get really mad. We'll see how this one turns out."