Unfairly forgotten by many in the wake of Germany's three (Kreator, Sodom and Destruction... of course), Exumer should definitely be the fourth. They might have made it if they had managed more than two albums I suppose, but still, I prefer them to Destruction and they certainly should not be overlooked. Possessed by Fire is the thrash metal assault we've come to expect from the German scene with chugging riffs, blazing solos shouted vocals with an overall more extreme sound than their American cousins. Have fun and remember; mosh safely.

mp3 @ 320 kbps


(By the way there's a minor error, the song 'Xiron Darkstar' has 'Darkstar' spelt with two words, which isn't correct in terms of the tracklist. I know it's nothing huge but errors like that really bug me so I thought I'd let you all know.)

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