Clocking in at just short of two hours, "Joe's Garage" is one of the most bizarre pieces of work ever to emerge from the wonderfully twisted mind of Frank Zappa.

The plot of the album starts off almost believable: an ordinary guy named Joe who tries starting a garage band, despite the imminent outlawing of music. The album touches on the loss of innocence, contracting STDs, and burning out as a result of a rock n' roll lifestyle. However, it's with the beginning of Act II that things take a turn for the insane. Songs include "Stick It Out" (about sexual washing machines that have a thing for people dressed like German housewives) and "Keep It Greasey" (the heartwarming tale of being "plooked" by former record company execs while in prison).

Overall this album is an indescribable experience that you would not get from anyone other than Mr. Zappa himself. While not quite of "Hot Rats" fame, it's still definitely worth a listen.

~320 kbps (VBR)


(n.b. this is technically a triple album, so it's a larger download than usual)

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