After their great debut in 2007, Justice followed up the next year with this EP. It sounds like something a prog band would do, an EP made of a single track lasting almost 18 minutes split into four parts and definitely isn't very electro. But that doesn't matter, the first three parts of the track were made for a fashion show of all things and then the duo finished it off with the last track for this EP release. I think this is Justice's best studio effort so far (not that that's much to say since they've only released one album, this EP and a single). What's interesting is the fact that the basics of the track are, well, basic. The whole thing is based around the same chord progression but it doesn't get boring; the two Frenchmen drape the whole thing in buzzing synths, pounding bass and even a harpsichord solo. The last track, the one not specifically written for the show, is by far the best with an awesome guitar solo running it's length. Enjoy!

.mp3 @ 320kbps


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