Oh would you look at that it's my all-time favourite album. Around 1978, when Pink Floyd were coming up with ideas for a new album, bassist and self-proclaimed Lord of the Universe Roger Waters presented 2 ideas to the band. One was The Wall, the other was this.

After all the drama of "The Final Cut", Waters left to fully develop this project, and I am extremely glad that he did. "The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking" follows the dreams of a man undergoing a mid-life crisis. The result is one of the most emotional albums I have ever come across. But what I like most about it is how well it flows. The entire album just fits together, like one big soppy song. Featuring the sublime guitar work of Eric Clapton (playing in his trademark bluesy-country style) this album is simply fantastic start-to-finish. Though if I had to pick highlights, I would choose "Sexual Revolution" and "Go Fishing".

Mp3, 256 kbps


(n.b. the times before each track name are supposed to be there, as the album is chronicling one night of dreaming)

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