So, team owner Richard Childress assaults driver Kyle Busch in the garage area, repeatedly striking him with his fist, and doesn't get suspended. He received a $150,000 fine and placed on probation through the end of the year.

   What exactly does get you suspended in NASCAR? Here's a list of some recent suspensions and another list of things for which NASCAR participants did not receive a suspension.

   NASCAR suspends people for:
   -Violation of its substance abuse policy (numerous examples).
   -Using an engine which is too big (Carl Long)
   -Rigging a fuel tank to appear full when it wasn't during qualifying (Crew chief Todd Berrier)
   -Using a racial slur (crew chief Bryan Berry)
   -Using an unapproved additive in fuel (Crew chief David Hyder)
   -Having a car chassis that does not meet specifications (Crew chief Shane Wilson)
   -Having air improperly ducted into the car for qualifying at Daytona (Crew chiefs Kenny Francis and Robbie Reiser)

   NASCAR will not suspend you for:
   -Physically assaulting a driver (Team owner Richard Childress)
   -Convictions for driving while intoxicated (drivers AJ Allmendinger, Scott Wimmer)
   -Reckless driving; speeding (128 mph in 45 mph zone) (driver Kyle Busch)
   -Repairing a wrecked car to return to the track to intentionally wreck another competitor (driver Carl Edwards)
   -Physically assaulting another competitor in the presence of NASCAR officials (Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman)
   -Physically assaulting a member of the media (driver Tony Stewart)

   Make sense?