Sorry to be gone so long. Life has been... hectic. Aside from a few forum posts here and there, I have been spending most of my time working and fighting with The Government over my fathers disability eligibility (3 amputations is not enough for a person to be legally disabled it seems).

Anyway, enough of my shit that you don't give any fucks about. On to the music, and in this post I have for you one of the single greatest slabs of Powerviolence ever created, Fifteen Counts of Arson. To me, His Hero Is Gone are the single best Powerviolence band of all time, and this record completely and utterly proves it. Between the excellent vocals, the thundering bass production and the sheer intensity and brutality of the songs(like a mix of early Napalm Death, Infest and EyeHateGod) Fifteen Counts just flat out dominates. This is music for taking on The Man, which is the exact kind of music I need right now.

Hand me the gasoline so I can burn this mother fucker down.

192 kbps


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