Iron Maiden, the kings of metal. Two things tell you if what you're listening to is a Maiden song; the first, Steve Harris' galloping bass lines, the second, Bruce Dickinson's voice. But while Steve has always been there, there was a time when Bruce was not... well there have been two actually, but we'll ignore the second. This is an album from that period, Iron Maiden's first and the one that would set them up to conquer the metal world. There can sometimes be quite a split opinion over this album, the fags that prefer their later work will complain about how simple the songs are and how Paul Di'Anno (the vocalist on this) sounds too punky and isn't Bruce. Then there are the other fags who think this is their best album and everything after their second release is shit... because Bruce is not Paul Di'Anno. Or, like me, you could stop whining and like both styles. This is an album filled with catchy riffs, awesome bass and generally brilliant songs including concert staple title track 'Iron Maiden.' Enjoy.

.m4a @ 320kbps VBR


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