We're still workin on warmin it up over here...but making significant strides. Me thinks.
We left a smaller house with lots of warmth with wood floors throughout. Bigger rooms and cream carpet are proving hard to make cozy. We've gone with some bold decisions here lately.

Here are the completion photos of the Master Bedroom Phase I.

Remember these beauties I snagged for $2.20 each? Jes, that is a pack n' play in the reflection. Hence the Phase I indication, which means there is a Phase II that we haven't tackled just yet.

And remember these sad guys? The husband was pretty positive I was crazy when I showed up with 1980's office filing cabinets to be used for our nightstands. But it works, eh?

And lastly, the dreaded "BEFORE" shot. Brrrrr, I'm cold just looking at this pitiful pearl.

Verdict? You like? Too dark?


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