If you have not heard Mithras yet, then do yourself a favor and start now. This is some of the very best Avant-Garde Technical Death Metal on the planet. Mithras are a band that makes heavy use of repetition and dissonance to create a dark atmosphere, but unlike Ulcerate, they play a much more old-school sounding form of Death Metal. You can hear the early Immolation and Morbid Angel in each track. The riffs, while heard a lot in each song, sound incredible and are very complex and unique. I also love how each guitar solo feels GIGANTIC: they are the highlights of every single song as they soar over the riffs. The vocals are refreshingly old-school, and the production is perfect: every instrument and note is clear, but it's not too clean. It really is, for me anyway, a perfect album, except for perhaps the few filler tracks of ambient noise and orchestration that kind of break the oppressive, space-y evil of every song. This album is a must have for fans of forward thinking, progressive Death Metal.

320 kbps


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