NO LONGER! I felt that my cry for help a few days ago was perhaps a little pathetic, but apparently not, for it pleases me greatly to welcome three new contributors to the blog. All of them will be part-time, it seems, but any expansion of either knowledge or musical taste is always welcome. Therefore, I introduce:

Jericho, the man behind the excellent blog Hyperborean Cake, and a contributor to the also-excellent Waves Explosions. He'll be posting one or two albums a week due to time constraints with his other blogs.
HeySharpshooter, who has already posted some guest reviews here; he will only be posting found links from other websites, but crediting the sites they were found on.
Finally, randerson1893, despite his name, is not 108 years old. He aims to post the odd bit of alt-rock, and if I know him, probably some prog. It can't harm to have another JohnRCC around.

Cheers to all of you,

Persona 101

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