There are tons of Yes albums that I could post that you prog fans will have listened to countless times before (such as "Relayer", "Close to the Edge" and the hilariously poncy "Tales From Topographic Oceans"), but - and I'm going to sound like a massive hipster for saying this - their lesser-known works are among their best.

Here we have "Drama", the first of only two Yes albums not to feature Jon Anderson on vocals (the other being newly-released "Fly From Here"; expect a review soon). It instead contains Trevor Horn of The Buggles fame. And instead of keyboardist Rick Wakeman, we have another Buggles member: Geoff Downes. Continuing from the musical direction begun in 1978's "Tormato", this album is a mixture of agressive riffs, chilling instrumental passages and extremely well-pulled-off singing from Horn. The result is perhaps Yes' most under-appreciated work. Definitely listen to "Machine Messiah" and "Tempus Fugit".

M4a, ~320 kbps (VBR)

(n.b. This version is the 2004 re-issue, which contains tracks recorded for the album by the previous Yes lineup with Jon and Rick before they left the band, that are also worth checking out.)

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