The final part of this 'ere series, and I'm sure most of us are glad to see it finished, myself included (it's a lot more work than most posts). This is based on DM which takes influence from other genres (although this admittedly ended up as mainly grindcore, especially seeing as I already put Atheist in the progressive one).


1. Fuck The Facts
- La Derniere Image (from Stigmata High-Five)

2. General Surgery - Ambulance Chaser (from Left Hand Pathology)

3. Impetigo - Dis-Organ-Ized (from Ultimo Mondo Cannibale)

4. Lock Up - Fake Somebody/Real Nobody (from Hate Breeds Suffering)

5. Napalm Death - More Than Meets The Eye (from Fear, Emptiness, Despair)

6. Terrorizer - Corporation Pull-In (from World Downfall)

7. Wormed - Geodesic Dome (from Planisphaerium)

8. Incubus - Blaspheming Prophets (from Serpent Temptation)

9. Slaughter - Maim To Please (from Strappado)

10. Insomnium - Mortal Shore (from Above The Weeping World)


Please note that I will not be uploading this series as one file, as it is too big for non-premium users to download (and takes fucking ages to upload).

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