Okay, so this was the last part of the series I threw together (although there are still two more to come), and it lacks a common theme; I simply used what I had left that I wanted to include.


1. Dying Fetus
- Epidemic Of Hate (from Destroy The Opposition)

2. Unleashed - Dead Forever (from Where No Life Dwells)

3. Pungent Stench - Games Of Humiliation (from Been Caught Buttering)

4. Hail Of Bullets - General Winter (from ...Of Frost And War)

5. Intestine Baalism - Alastor Possess (from An Anatomy Of The Beast)

6. Avulsed - Homeless Necrophile (from Stabwound Orgasm)

7. Luciferion - On The Wings Of The Emperor (from Demonication (The Manifest))

8. Impaled - Spirits Of The Dead (from The Dead Shall Dead Remain)

9. Gorerotted - Gagged, Shagged, Bodybagged (from Mutilated In Minutes)

10. Nunslaughter - This Is Fucking War (from Hex)


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