Before I introduce another part of the death metal series, I'm just explaining my comparative absence of recent times. I'm not losing interest; I love this. I'm simply on holiday, with sporadic internet access.

Anyway, this one is based around lower-tier death metal bands that are nonetheless well recognized. There is no other common theme than that.


1. Dismember
- Dismembered (from Like An Everflowing Stream)
2. Vader - Sothis (from De Profundis)
3. Monstrosity - Immense Malignancy (from Imperial Doom)
4. Benediction - Eternal Eclipse (from Subconscious Terror)
5. Convulse - Blasphemous Verses (from World Without God)
6. Krisiun - Blind Possession (from Black Force Domain)
7. Adramelech - Mythic Descendant (from Psychostasia)
8. Vital Remains - Dechristianize (from Dechristianize)
9. Sinister - Desecrated Flesh (from Diabolical Summoning)
10. Massacre - Corpsegrinder (from From Beyond)


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