Similarly to brutal death, technical death metal is not my favourite subgenre of death metal (and the two often cross over), but there are some parts of it which I like. This is largely formed of stuff which I like, and some which is passable, and including the classics of the genre:


1. Cryptopsy
- Slit Your Guts (from None So Vile)

2. Nile - Lashed To The Slave Stick (from Annihilation Of The Wicked)

3. Demilich - (Within) The Chamber Of Whispering Eyes (from Nespithe)

4. Gorguts - Nostalgia (from Obscura)

5. Nocturnus - Lake Of Fire (from The Key)

6. Origin - Wrath Of Vishnu (from Antithesis)

7. Obscura - Euclidean Elements (from Omnivium)

8. Anata - Dance To The Song Of Apathy (from Under A Stone With No Inscription)

9. Gigan - Suspended In Cubes Of Torment (from Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes)

10. Carcariass - Children Slave (from Hell On Earth)

I refuse to post Brain Drill.


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