The final album in The Cure's "trilogy", Bloodflowers, to put it bluntly, wasn't all that well received when it came out for a reason I can't quite fathom as I think this album stands tall with the other two albums in the trilogy.

This album combines some of the cynicism from Pornography, the intense emotion of Disintegration and adds its own elements. The primary differences on this album in terms of sound come down to two things:

#1: The amazing production allows for intense balance between all the instruments allowing all the subtleties of each one to be picked out (as apposed to the "wave of sound" of Disintegration).

#2: The guitar work on this album is extremely dense with the electric guitars and very light on the acoustic guitars (which haven't been used to this extent before on a Cure album).

This album also has the most variety then any other of the trilogy albums, having "happy" songs ('Maybe Some Day', '39'... 'happy' being a relative term of course). Depressing sounds ('Where The Bird Always Sings, 'Last Day Of Summer') and, my personal favorite, an "epic" approach to the music ('Watching Me Fall', 'Bloodflowers').

Highlights of the album are the aforementioned "epic" sounds as The Cure has done long songs before but none have felt so large or had such a powerful end like those two.

This concludes the "trilogy" which for me was where I started loving The Cure as much as I love them today. :)

256 kbps


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