I still remember the day I bought and first listened to Disintegration - it was a dank, cold, rainy day - how fitting for such an album! As the 80s neared their end The Cure had become a renowned group putting out successful singles and impressive videos with an almost poppy, dare I say it, cheerful atmosphere. Once again The Cure change with another daring career move.

Disintegration is not a happy album the moody atmospheres of Pornography returning but this time with heavy use of synthesizers creating the a texture of almost orchestral proportions. Also, the twisted element of the atmosphere has been removed in favor of a "lost romance" type of feeling (crying in a room by yourself whilst holding a dying rose sort of thing) which quite frankly is extremely beautiful sounding and this makes the album not always depressing like Pornography but always with at lest a hint of deep sadness.

The highlight of this album for me are the two songs 'Prayers For Rain' and 'The Same Deep Water As You' which represent the full power of this album in two song.

The trilogy concludes with Bloodflowers which will be uploaded soon.



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