I realised this wasn't on the blog and immediately took action. Another masterpiece from Dan fucking Swanö (yes, I do have to say his name like that) this is Edge of Sanity's first concept album. It's a story set in the distant future when mankind can no longer breed. That is until the King and Queen have a child which leads to a bunch of other weird shit happening. It's a strange story but in concept albums I suppose strange is always good. Anyway, this story is told through one song, yep, the whole album is a single 40 minute track consisting of more riff changes than you can shake a stick at, acoustic passages, clean and death vocals and some absolutely brilliant musicianship from the band. One thing I love about this album is how the riffs are used as part of the story, for example, near the end of the song / album they bring back a few of the very early riffs from the start, bringing the story together and closing it. Sadly this was Edge of Sanity's last great album before going downhill, Swanö would leave after the next album and the band would go on to disband in 1997. However, Swanö did return to write a sequel to Crimson (titled, you ready for this...? Crimson II!) in 2003 under the Edge of Sanity name. I may upload that sometime in the future but be sure to enjoy this great offering for now.

.m4a @ 320 kbps VBR


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