So I am back. Not sure why I even left, but I did. Anyway, I felt compelled to return to share with you all a legit Album of the Year contender from Chilean Bestial Black Thrashers Hades Archer.

I did not come in with sky high expectations, but boy did this album make me want to sacrifice some unspoiled virgins to Satan. Everything about this album is completely brilliant: from the production to the riffs to the fantastic vocals. This is some seriously evil shit. The band move from Blasphemy-style Blackened Death Metal to Destroyer 666 style Black Thrash various times throughout the album. And it has GOOD SOLOS! I know right? It is that good. It's hard to come up with a lot of superlatives for this album, mostly because it has turned my brain into Luciferian mush. It just flat out slays.

Fans of Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal... ya know what, fans of Metal, just give this one a listen.

320 kbps


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