Can you guess which category I belong? The mister isn't a brain surgeon and doesn't live bi-coastal or take exotic business trips...nothing all that crazy. He's a suit and tie guy with a downtown office and is pretty much 8-5 with little excitement. But on occasion, a rare occasion, he gets the fir real hook-up. Most of the time it's lunching at the latest hot spot around town or getting in on some super fine wine at happy hour. This time was a smidge different.

The husband has a client that is a former NFL player. And a couple of months ago a package arrived inviting us to the NFL Hall of Fame and all of the activities surrounding it. There was a cocktail party, an after party, a pre-enshrinement dinner, a tailgate party, a round-table luncheon and the actual event. THE WORKS. We had some issues with babysitting...turns out Mimi and Pops were vacationing the same weekend. So I took the highroad and relinquished my seat to the spectacular show.
(These are a lot of the alone, portrait shots...poor Clint, he'll be so embarrassed at my story-telling of the weekend.)

Larry...aka L Mac took my spot. Super jealous. Super.

I think if I knew Snoop and Nelly were going to be playing at an after party of 200 people and Pop-eyes chicken was being served I would have come up with a Plan B for the tot. I know I am a better date to cut a rug than L Mac.

Let's just say my weekend wasn't quite as exciting.


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