In his last post, Persona called me an "expert" on the whole OSDM Revival.

Hear that jellyfags, I am an expert.


Just to show you how fucking 1337 I am at OSDM Revival, I will post for you one seriously bad ass young band and one bad ass debut album.

Iconoclast Contra are a from Salt Lake City, Utah. If you have ever been to SLC(like I have) you know it would never be considered a breeding ground for awesome, blasphemous 300 bpm Blackend Death Metal. Nor would it be a breeding ground for nasty, ant-Man sludgy Powerviolence. Yet somehow, Iconoclast Contra came from this Mormon Paradise.

That is right: imagine Angelcorpse jamming with Drop Dead. Morbid Angel and His Hero Is Gone kicking it. That is what Iconoclast Contra sound like. Awesome, I know.

For such a young band, they are laser focused on this record: not a single bit of sloppiness can be found, as the guitars shred through dozens of grimy riffs and the drums blast away with perfect precision. This record is fast, and I mean REALLY fast. But it is also sludgy as hell, and the strong Powerviolence influence can be heard throughout the record. There is a punkish attitude to the whole thing, like a big "fuck you!" in music form flowing through the music. It comes mostly from the bass work, particularly the sick bass tone that sounds closer to Deadstare than any Death Metal band. The vocals are rock solid: Your typical Black Metal shriek and Death Metal growl are found, but also awesome shouted vocals akin to the dude from Weekend Nachos if he was like 8 feet tall.

Technically, this release was first dropped last year. But a major issue with the record label led to Iconoclast Contra switching labels and re-releasing this one this year. So all you technicalfags can chill: I am aware that some of you might have been jamming this one for over a year already. But for most people, this recent re-release is our first exposure to this sick, sick band.

256 kbps


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