It's currently 10:29 UK time, and 4 of our 6 contributors, myself included, returned from individual holidays yesterday - coincidence, or that they love me so much as to make their own holidays coincide with mine? The latter sounds more appealing, but I feel the former is more likely.

Anyhow, this means that it's back to business as usual for our little blog here, and this gives me a chance to thank HeySharpshooter for the one post keeping the blog semi-alive whilst we were gone (and the album he posted is fucking awesome). I'll be posting myself at some point this evening, and currently have a batch of around 150 albums uploading (there are precisely two in there which I hope might spark controversy).

However, I do have to say, past that, my collection and the level of musical knowledge allowed by my 17 years of age is flagging a little. Use the shoutbox to recommend me, and all of us, your favourite music, or your own! Also, do comment on the posts; it validates our work to a certain extent and lets us know that what we do is seen as worthwhile. Thanks for anyone who does.

Finally, a lot of my favourite blogs have been taken down recently - rest assured that I have a backup of CITA, so all of the current posts will be preserved should the DMCA come a-callin'.