Sometimes, I swear to God(or Satan) that I am a fucking idiot.

Whether it's drinking way too much, smoking way too much, not going to work when I should, going to work then I shouldn't, and spending way too much time in the local Burger King drive-thru, I am convinced my current, mediocre lot in life is largely the way it is because I am a stupid asshole.

Another one of those idiotic decisions, in a short lifetime already filled with idiotic decisions, was repeatedly and ignorantly passing over Pittsburgh Death Metallers Rottrevores' only full length album Iniquitous. I am really not sure why I ignored this album for so fucking long: maybe is was the kinda cool but childishly drawn cover art. Maybe it was the fact so few Metal fans seems to have heard of it and those that did swear by it were douche bags. To this day, I am not sure why I never bothered with this album.

Once I did finally get around to checking this album, I was literally floored with what I heard: this is without a doubt the most unrelenting, utterly brutal American Death Metal album I have ever heard. Rottrevore will not blow you away with their technical prowess or complete, surgical tightness: this is not a sloppy record per se, but there are times when the drums are going off in their own direction a bit. What makes this album so completely horrifying is the sheer brutality of it: we are not talking Devourment's slam heavy, hammy gore-fascination or Wormed with their insane, jazzy extremity: this is slow to mid-paced, non-Doomy Death Metal with a ridiculous guitar tome, bowl rumbling bass and the flat out demonic guttural vocal attack. This album feels like pure Hell on Earth, and few albums I have ever enjoyed have had even close to the same effect.

192 kbps


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