In the next part of our continuous post about cool tattoos, we will be looking at the pop-punk guitarist/vocalist from Metro Station, the tall and beautiful Trace Cryus!

You may know him as being Miley Cyrus’ older brother. You may be a huge fan of Metro Station. Or you may not like Metro Station or Trace Cyrus at all! Whatever catogary you fall under, it is hard to hide the impressive tattoo’s that Trace has. He has a body full of unique and personalised art, that really stands out from a lot of tattooed celebs out there!

In recent times, Trace has let all his twitter followers (just like me!) know that he is going to be tattoo’d live on stickam. A few months ago I watched him being tattooed for about an hour an half, and seriously, it was great to watch this art being inked onto his skin, and listen to him explaining what his tattoos mean to him, and whenwhere he had some of them done. He has a matching tattoo with his dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, and would like a matching tattoo with his sister, Miley.

Would you get a matching tattoo with a family member or close friend? Do you already have one? Let us know your thoughts, and those thoughts you may have on Trace Cyrus’ tattoo’s! Personally, I think they are pretty damn amazing!