This one's a little out of my usual musical specialty zone but, I love it. One day I was cruising through the interwebz when I came across a number of recommendations for this album all at the same time. Curious, I decided to do my usual band research and found that they were a relatively unknown French progressive rock band. I know what that looks like, pretentiousness piled on top of more pretentiousness, but don't prejudge and stay with me here. This album is full of absolutely brilliant composition, the songs here all carry a great atmosphere and the French vocals (whether you can understand them or not) add a really nice effect in a musical world dominated by English speaking bands. There are some great moments; calm, ambient, vocal driven tracks and heavier rocky tracks with some excellent solos. Of special mention is the one at the end of 'Dans le formol au muséum' which easily grabs the title of solo of the year so far. Whether you're a prog rock fan or not this album's worth a good chunk of your undivided attention, I recommend to anyone. Enjoy.

.mp3 @ 320 kbps


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