What a week! No, really...what a flipping week it has been. TGIF...leading into a HOLIDAY WEEKEND, baby!

Week's re-cap. Sunday something pounded this house like a hammer. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say everyone living and breathing here was sick. Very sick. And that continued through Wednesday. Finally things were looking up on Thursday. No school all week, which was sad, but everyone was feeling better and in much happier spirits. No whistling or skipping, but good enough. The coffee was tasting mighty fine, the sun was shining, and the Today Show was on in full view. We were going to make it! That is...until Little Bit was playing quietly behind the sofa. Too quietly is never good. I rounded the corner to see what she was up to and found her with dog poopie in her hand about to insert it into her mouth. (And yes, I was thinking the same thing..."When did I move to a trailer park and have dog poop in my living room?") So, there's the week. It's been as glamorous as it reads. Trust.

But no poopie was keepin us down! Dad grounded the dog, we cleaned up and rolled out.
To take this story to a place where you might find some interest...walk with me.

I've been sorta kinda watching Design Star. You, no? It's pretty lame, but better than most summer television. Last weekend I noticed a big basket that one chick picked up from West Elm. It sparked my attention and so what did I do? I got on the world wide web and looked it up. Actually, I never found it, but I did find these.

Hmmm, that's some texture for my kitchen I'm looking for.
Problem: price tag.
No way in hell was my other, wiser, more money savvy half going to be cool with dropping a bill on 3 baskets. I didn't even pretend to ask. So I got to thinking...how could I pull this off myself?

So when all else fails go rummage through the thrift store. And wouldn't you know it...it was HALF OFF BASKET DAY!!! B-I-N-G-O.

Doodle and I picked out a pretty pile and carried them up to the check-out. One was even 75% off...hot dog! I feel a little guilty when I take their junk and don't pay enough money. Then I get over it and move on.
So after all was tallied I spent a whole $6.05. And here's what it got me.

What do you think? Some are cooler than others. Some look a little cheap and not so much West Elm, but that's okay. I think the find and the price makes it even better. No?

Happy Labor Day, loves.


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