Stacey Solomon's mother is becoming more respected in the UK. Dedicated to support her son, Zachary, the X Factor singing sensation quickly won the hearts of audiences with her bubbly nature and angelic voice.

All the girls at the bar of competition Stacey has declined rapidly, leaving was the only female vocalist competing for the X Factor crown Stacey clearly has sympathy factor that goes a long way in the X Factor, if not to the liking, you're out of your ear, as evidenced by consecutive eliminations Rachel Adedeji and Lucie Jones.

Week after week, Stacey offers superior performance, showing that she is a singer in accordance with a voice that never expected to have a strong accent of Dagenham! On stage, Stacey shines and everything to his son Zachary:

"Single mothers is difficult, but I am determined to be the one offered to my son," he said.

"I love to win this [Zachary]. It would mean everything. I would be able to get into a good school and get everything you need."

Stacey work ethic as a single mother is something to be admired, finally getting his big break singing career and require your immediate juggling a lifestyle and a new and exciting foray into the world of music with the parenting a toddler. Despite its ditsy nature, it is clear that Stacey has no illusions that success after the X Factor is not guaranteed, saying "there's always Asda.

With feet firmly on the ground, Stacey continued to maintain a part-time work right until it became his first X Factor audition and attend a performing arts in Havering College and raising her young son, so already knows a thing or two about juggling a family and a career. It is currently seeing his son once a week, while she lives at the home of X Factor is proving to be difficult, but Stacey knows the X Factor could be his launching pad to provide a better life for Zachary.

Working mothers are women such as Stacey Solomon copies are to be admired for his dedication to supporting their children.

Working mothers are committed to ensuring that women are able to find a flexible and challenging work. Providing women with access to potential employers and give mothers the opportunity to work from home or start a flexible part-time work, working moms gives women the opportunity to combine motherhood with a nice job.

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